Portland Food Trucks

The Portland Food Trucks scene is pretty amazing. You can get amazing food of every cuisine imaginable for half the price of a normal restaurant.

In this segment, I check out the best food trucks in Portland. My first stop is on Alder Street, which is located in the city center. Portland street food is as good as it gets, with standouts ranging from the Dump Truck (serving up killer dumplings) to the Grilled Cheese Grill.

There are three different food truck locations in Portland, but Alder Street is the most popular location for the working class. What’s your favorite?

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Hi, I’m Jason Hill, host of YouTube’s “Chef Tips” series. I graduated from culinary school in 1998, and gained my experience working the lines in Southern California. I launched my cooking videos in 2007. I love sharing quick and easy recipes that get people back in the kitchen.

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