Old Faithful Inn Restaurant

During Yellowstone National Park’s first annual Cabineering Cook-off, we had the opportunity to dine at the famous Old Faithful Inn restaurant. And let me say, it was amazing!

Old Faithful Inn Restaurant Review
Old Faithful Inn Restaurant from the second story.

During our stay in Yellowstone, we got to enjoy a day in the park, and a highlight was lunch at the famous Old Faithful Inn, a grand hotel designed by architect Robert Reamer in 1903.

The menu at the Old Faithful Inn dining room was really good! I had the smoked gouda cheese soup and bison bratwurst, and Veronica ordered the smoked trout cakes.

Old Faithful Inn Trout Cakes
Old Faithful Inn Trout Cakes

We found that the best time to eat at the Old Faithful Inn restaurant was just before noon. The crowds seemed to appear in droves around 1 p.m. If you like, you can grab a hot chocolate, coffee, or cocktails on the second floor, which is also home to the famous Crow’s Nest.

After lunch, we walked around and checked out some of the rustic rooms, and visited the upper deck, where you can get an awesome view of the Old Faithful geyser! 

The hotel is magnificent, but pretty spooky — in fact it’s the most haunted hotel in Yellowstone National Park! The Headless Bride is the most famous Old Faithful Inn ghost. She was supposedly beheaded by her husband during their honeymoon here, and is now said to haunt the crow’s nest in her ripped gown.

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