French Laundry Garden

I found myself in Napa Valley for a food conference, so I couldn’t resist stopping by Thomas Keller’s famous French Laundry Garden in Yountville.

Known for its progressive organic gardening practices, Keller’s garden (located across the street from his amazing French Laundry restaurant) is the mother of all culinary gardens.

Not only does it have a continuously growing rotation of seasonal organic produce, but there’s a bee hive for honey, and a chicken coop for fresh eggs. Inside the greenhouse, you’ll find seedless English cucumbers and more than 25 different types of tomatoes.

Designed by master gardener Tucker Taylor, the 3-acre garden has 53 plots divided by grass pathways. Taylor likes to buy his organic seeds from a company called Seeds of Change, and uses an organic compost tea called Soilsoup.

Just remember — as one of the world’s best restaurants, French Laundry reservations are taken exactly at 10 a.m. — two months in advance!

The French Laundry’s address is 6640 Washington St., Yountville, Ca. Thomas Keller’s garden is located just across the street. 

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