Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 600

It’s almost summer! So excited to share my Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 600 review with you today. Aside from a regular gas grill and pellet smoker, a flat top grill is a must for your backyard setup!

The Camp Chef 600 flat top grill has so many nice features.

I was recently camping with some friends at NASCAR in Fontana, and we had this grill out there for three solid days. We cooked everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner on this grill!

Flat Top Grill Features

One cool thing that I like about the Camp Chef 600 series is that you get 877 square inches of cooking surface. This cast-iron grill also comes preseasoned, so you’re not messing with anything trying to season it up. It’s ready to go right out of the box!

This is the only model that comes with grill grates, so you can remove the cast-iron flat top if you want to do any type of traditional grilling.


The grill came shipped to my house in a box and I had to assemble it myself. Thankfully, it was super easy, and took me a little over an hour. If you have two people, it will take you less time.

The Camp Chef 600 flat top runs on a standard 5-gallon tank of propane. It has four burners that light automatically with a click. Each burner has a little spy hole so that you can make sure your flame is on.

The grill comes with two grease pans – one underneath in the middle, and one on the side. And they come with handy-dandy little tinfoil grease pan liners.

Each side of the grill has two heavy duty shelves that are collapsible and removable if needed. There are also two shelves underneath the grill for extra storage.

The right side of the grill has two wheeled casters that allow you to lift and move the grill with ease. On the left side, the feet have adjustable legs so that you can make your grill level.

It also has a built-in bottle opener. And if you don’t drink beer, it works great for Coke bottles or root beer!

Flat Top Grill 600 Accessories

Camp Chef offers quite a few accessories that can enhance your grilling experience. The Professional Griddle Tool set includes a water bottle, oil bottle, flexible cutting board, chopper, a pancake spatula and regular spatula. The chopper can also serve as a cleaning tool, so when you’re done grilling, you can scrape the grease down into the trap.

Another great accessory is the Flat Top Grill Patio Cover. This is going to keep your grill clean and safe from all the weather elements.

Finally, you can get the 4-Piece Carving Set, which comes with long tongs, a big chef knife, a Santuko knife and a fork for grabbing your meat.

If you’re in the market for a flat top grill, you can’t go wrong with Camp Chef. Stay tuned for future cooking videos on this bad boy!

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