How to Use A Chef’s Knife

Today I’m going to show you how to use a chef’s knife to cut a variety of fruits and vegetables. If you have to buy one knife for your kitchen, this is the type of knife you want to get. Why? The chef knife is one of the most versatile knives you can use!

What knife brand do chefs use?

Chefs use a wide variety of brands in their kitchens, but I’ve been using Dexter Cutlery since I graduated from culinary school. In fact, this was the first complete chef’s knife set I purchased, and I still use this brand professionally today.

Why is it called a chef’s knife?

The knife gets its name for its high level of usefulness in the kitchen. The Western chef knife, which originated in 17th century Germany, is also called a cook’s knife. It has broad shape, is usually 10-12 inches long, and a nice sharp edge. This type of knife was popularized by French chefs, and it can be used for a large variety of kitchen tasks. The chef’s knife purpose ranges from slicing large cuts of meat to dicing vegetables and cutting fruit.

How much is a chef knife?

You don’t have to pay top dollar to get a good quality chef knife or cook’s knife. Plan on spending about $50 for a good quality chef knife in 2022. Don’t spend $10 on a cheap chef’s knife. They are hard to sharpen, and they don’t stay sharp either. Spend the extra money for quality!

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