How to Open a Coconut

How to Open a Coconut
Hawaiians use a machete to open coconuts, but you can use a corkscrew and a cleaver.

During a visit to the Haleiwa Farmers Market on Hawaii’s North Shore, one of the locals was kind enough to show me how to open a coconut — the island way.

To open a coconut, you’ll need a machete if you want to enjoy pure coconut water from a young green coconut.

To open a coconut at home, drill out the two eyes with a corkscrew, screwdriver or hammer and drain the fresh coconut water into a cup. Next, holding the coconut with the eyes on one end and stem on the other, whack it a few times with a cleaver or machete. It should break in half.

Thanks to Taste Deez Nuts in Haleiwa for providing the demonstration on opening a coconut!

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