Osteria Relazioni Culinarie

Tucked at the base of Umbria’s Castello di Giove castle, in an old stone olive mill, Osteria Relazioni Culinarie is one of Italy’s most memorable dining experiences.

“I feel like I’m on a movie set!”

“This is the best meal of my life!”

Those are just a few observations our group had while dining here in late June.

Photo of the pork dish at Osteria Relazioni Culinarie

This restaurant is so unique and special that we made the hour-long trip here from Rome on the train. The Osteria came at a suggestion of our good friend, Emanuele Leoni Dickinson, who specializes in European travel planning. And wow, were we impressed!

Outdoor patio at Osteria Relazioni Culinarie Umbria

From the Attigliano train station, it was just a short 5-minute drive to the restaurant.

Upon arriving, we were welcomed with a cold glass of gin and tonic, accented with peppercorns. It was the perfect refreshing drink after our journey.

The sun was setting as Jerry, the musician, played beautiful Italian songs on the patio. We gazed out beyond the moss-covered rock walls at the rolling hills of Umbria. It was picture perfect!

The restaurant is a new venture for Titziana Trenta and her chef brother Alessandro, who shut down their popular eatery in Rome for a taste of the Italian countryside. They made a wonderful choice, as the atmosphere of Osteria Relazioni Culinarie — and the food — is unforgettable!

From the moment we sat down, Titziana and her staff began showering us with one delicious dish after another.

First, a platter of fresh green olives. Next, tender steamed artichoke. Delicate ravioli in a tomato sauce. A beautiful plate of roasted eggplant. All the while, we washed it down with glasses of their house-made red and white wines.

When the bruschetta came out, our group couldn’t stop raving about how good it tasted. It just bursted with fresh tomato flavor!

Bruschetta from Osteria Relazioni Culinarie

More hearty dishes followed. A huge bowl of freshly made ricotta cheese was placed on the table, followed by a succulent roast pork.

Finally, a pillow-like gnocchi with butternut squash and creme fraiche.

Photo of butternut squash gnocchi at Osteria Relazioni Culinarie Umbria

To end the evening, we were treated to a delicious chocolate tarte and small glass of limoncello. It was a sweet ending to what was definitely the best meal of our life!

Osteria Relazioni Culinarie, Via della Barca, 7, 05024 Giove TR, Italy. +390744411376

Evening at Osteria Relazioni Culinarie in Umbria

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