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Grilled Fish Tacos

Have you ever tried grilled fish tacos? Here in Southern California, they are a staple menu item at many beach restaurants. This mahi mahi fish taco recipe is topped with shredded cabbage, diced tomatoes and a fish taco white sauce for an authentic Baja-style taco. Be sure to top it with a squeeze of fresh …

Photo of BBQ Oysters

BBQ Oysters Recipe

Recently, I traveled up to Tomales Bay to sample BBQ Oysters at a little place called Hog Island Oyster Company. It’s basically a little shack on the waterfront, where you can pick your own oysters, grab a picnic table, and cook them over a charcoal grill. While I was there, I learned that the secret …

Grilled Corn Ribs Recipe

Today we are making corn ribs on the grill. This easy and fun recipe is a different take on traditional grilled corn cob, made popular recently with the TikTok corn ribs recipe. The corn cobs are quartered lengthwise, seasoned with a mixture of butter, hot sauce and Tajin, and put on the grill. As they …

Grilled Ribeye Recipe

Grilled Ribeye Recipe

Today I’m making a delicious grilled ribeye recipe that’s perfect for your summer BBQ! This recipe for grilled ribeye is so easy to make, with just a few simple ingredients. I’m topping this delicious and tender steak with a compound butter made with fresh chives from my garden. Hope you enjoy the recipe!

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Today we’re hitting the grill with a delicious and authentic Jamaican Jerk Chicken recipe! In Jamaica, you don’t have to venture far to get your first taste of the Caribbean. Terrific street food abounds, and a stop along any of the main avenues in town will provide a great meal at very reasonable prices. Some …

Grilled Hawaiian Short Ribs

In honor of the summer BBQ season I’m making Grilled Short Ribs! This is a super easy Hawaiian Beef Short Ribs recipe inspired by the Hawaiian restaurant Da Kitchen in Maui. All you’ll need is a few ingredients that are whisked together and marinated overnight. They are perfect for a summer barbecue.