Types of Cutting Boards

Up there with the chefs knife, the cutting board is probably the most used kitchen tool in the home. Today, the most commonly used kitchen cutting board in the commercial kitchen and in the home is made of hard plastic. New on the market is the bamboo cutting board and glass cutting board.

Plastic cutting boards might be harder on a knife blade than a traditional wood cutting board, but they are a lot more sanitary.

Traditional wood cutting boards have a porous surface which can trap harmful bacteria that are present in some foods. 

You may find that plastic cutting boards tend to slide around on your work surface. To alleviate this problem, just put two wet paper towels or cloth towels underneath your cutting board and set the cutting board back down. This secures it to your work surface. 

I like using plastic cutting boards because they’re a more flexible cutting board. Not only are they very sanitary, but they’re also portable, easy to clean and easy to store.