Sharpening Stone

How many times have you picked up a knife that was so dull that you couldn’t even slice a tomato? There are many sharpening products out there, but I like to use a sharpening stone to bring back that edge to my knife. There are also several times of sharpening stones. I like a water stone because they are smoother and really put a fine edge on your blade.

I’ve seen sharpening stones priced at anywhere between $10 and $100. I paid about $25 for mine about five years ago. These are going to last a lifetime in your kitchen. Practice this a few times. Once you get it down, you’ll be glad you did!

How to Use a Sharpening Stone

1. Before you start sharpening you always want to set your stone on a wet paper towel or dish towel. This keeps it from moving around while you sharpen.
2. First, pour a little water on the stone, and cover the stone. Once you’ve coated the stone with a little bit of water, I put the tip of my knife onto the stone at a 20 degree angle. I run the knife all the way along the length of the stone from tip to heel. 
3. Turn the knife over and do the same process. You may need to do this quite a few times depending on how dull your blade is. You may only need to do this about once a month. A knife steel is what really keeps your blade true and honed.

Remember — using a sharp knife is not only easier, but it’s a lot safer.