Knife Skills

Proper knife skills are an important technique to learn if you want to be safe in the kitchen. One of the easiest ways to practice is with an onion. 
Remember — the speed will come with time.

1. Remove the stem end of the onion. Cut in half down through the root. 
2. Peel first layer of skin off. 
Leaving the root end on keeps the onion together while you are dicing. 
3. With your free hand, tucking your fingers, hold down the onion and begin to make cuts in the onion, using your free hand as a guide for your blade. 
4. For a finer dice, you can make a cut or two down the center of the onion. Again, tucking your fingers, hold down the onion and begin to dice the onion. Keep your fingers tucked at all times.

1. To slice an onion, remove the root end and remove the first layer of skin. 
2. Set the onion flat. 
3. Turn the onion and begin slicing. This thickness works great for salads or fajitas.

1. Lay a clove of garlic or shallot on its flat side and begin to make tiny 1/8th inch slices through the shallot. 
2. Carefully make several cross section cuts into the shallot, moving your fingertips backward as you cut. 
3. Finally, make 1/8th inch slices down the shallot.