Cheese Ball Recipe

This gourmet cheese ball recipe uses just three premium ingredients — goat cheese, candied walnuts and a savory cherry and balsamic vinegar jam.  I love the premium quality and whole fruits used in Lemon Bird Jams, but in a pinch you can use your favorite jam. Just be sure it has nice bits of chunky fruit in it.

Cheese Ball Recipe

Serving Size: 12

Cheese Ball Recipe


  • 8 ounces goat cheese, softened
  • 1/4 cup (or more to your taste) Lemonbird's Cherry with Honey & Balsamic Vinegar Jam
  • 1/2 cup roughly chopped candied walnuts


  1. Place goat cheese in a mixing bowl.
  2. Roughly chop the larger pieces of fruit in the jam and add to the softened goat cheese. Let sit overnight in the refrigerator, if possible.
  3. Roll cheese into a ball, then roll in the chopped nuts. Chill until ready for service. When you serve the cheese ball, you can drizzle it with some of the juice from the jam for your guests.

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